Nana’s Nook: Giving Thanks from the Heart

Good morning, friends.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away? It just seems as if time is moving faster and faster the older I get!

I will be away from my computer next Monday, so there will be no new Nana’s Nook next week. But, you are getting a few extra issues this week to make up for it!

I have read numerous devotionals recently in the book Joy For the Journey that fit so well with the approaching holiday, I just have to share them with you! I hope they are a blessing to you, as they have been to me.

First up, a devotional by an unknown author, titled “A Thankful Heart”. As I read this one, I couldn’t help but think of the song by Phillips, Craig and Dean, When the Stars Burn Down. If you are not familiar with that one, take a listen to it today and be blessed!

“You don’t need a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving. All you need is a reason. And God has given you more reasons to be thankful than He’s created stars in the sky, so why wait?

Start with what you see-the clothes you’re wearing, the food in the fridge, the beauty of a summer day. Then think about the people you love and how they’ve touched your life. Next, consider what God has given you that can’t be held in your hands-things like hope, forgiveness, and your future home in heaven. Sit quietly as God brings to mind even more reasons to say thank you.

Stopping to say thanks will remind you of how big God is and how good your life is , no matter what kind of day you’re having.”

So, as the author says, why wait? Start your thanksgiving today and just keep it going all the way to Thanksgiving Day and beyond! We are so blessed! Let’s shower our God with praises each and every day we live!

“Singing blessing and honor and power and glory forever to our God!”