Nana’s Nook: Comfort in Trials

Good afternoon, friends.

I was reminded this morning of something I heard my former Pastor say many years ago. He shared that the older we get in this life, the more we will see the heartaches that accompany living in a fallen world.

Steve and I were in our 30’s at the time, with 3 young children. We couldn’t really relate to that statement back then. But, now it is becoming more real every single day we live. Recent weeks have included watching 3 precious friends go through the loss of their dear husbands. It has also included watching a loved one going through treatments for a brain tumor and a nephew going through horrible health issues after losing his wife in February, leaving him to raise their two young children.

The heartaches of this life are indeed becoming more and more frequent. This morning I read a devotional that deals with this in a very real and insightful way. I hope you will find encouragement in these words by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It seemed appropriate on this particular day.

“A Very Present Help”

“The truth is, life is hard. We live in a fallen world, Even those who have been redeemed live in earthly bodies and have to deal with the realities of temptation, sin (both our own and others’), disease, loss, pain, and death. Becoming a Christian does not wrap us up in some sort of celestial cocoon where we are immune to pain. There will be tears, sorrows, pressure, and problems.

But-and here’s the good news-God is not removed or detached from our problems. He doesn’t just sit up in heaven and watch to see if we will manage to survive. No, the God of the Bible is ‘a very present help in trouble’ (Psalm 46:1). He uses pressures and problems to mold and shape our lives and to make us like His Son Jesus.

We want God to fix all our problems. God says instead, ‘I have a purpose for your problems. I want to use your problems to change you and to reveal My grace and power to the world.’ That is the Truth-and the Truth will set you free.”

So, today, if you are in the midst of great trial and heartache, run to Christ. He is with you. He will never leave you. He is holding you and will never let you go. Cling to that truth. If you are in the role of comforter to someone who is in the midst of great trial, just be there and offer the love of Christ. Sometimes words are not necessary. Just your presence may be enough.