Nana’s Nook: Remember the Love of the God Who Stays

Good morning, friends.

The Nana’s Nook Devotional is a bit late this week because I have had my Nana hat on for the last few days. But I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with some of our wonderful grandchildren this week.

Yesterday, two of them were out of school on fall break, so we decided to head to one of our favorite spots, Lake Lure/Chimney Rock, in the mountains of North Carolina. The trip itself was just a treat as we were able to see God’s glory on display. The hills looked like a carpet of color! The trees themselves were declaring the creative power of our great God! It was just spectacular!

I had such a great time with these grandies, as we ate and shopped and explored and walked by the river and ate some more. But the highlight of the trip for me was traveling in the car with these two singing along with me to some of my favorite Christian songs: Even If, by Mercy Me, Remind Me Who I Am, by Jason Gray, and Best News Ever, by Mercy Me, to name a few. But the favorite was being able to sing with them Matthew West’s new song, The God Who Stays. The lyrics are just fabulous and they were brought to mind today as I read a devotional in Susie Larson’s book, Blessings For Women. I really felt the Lord leading me to share this one with you.

Remember His Love

“May you determine to be done with captivity! No more rehearsing your failures or rehashing your critic’s accusations.

It’s time to remember God’s love, His faithfulness, and His heart of affection for you. It’s time to put all of your hope in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

May you put a flag in the ground this day and declare, ‘My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness’.

Rest in God’s grace. Rely on His love. And rehearse His promises because they’re true for you.”

That devotional ties in so perfectly with the lyrics of the song The God Who Stays. It has become one of my favorites. If you have not heard this one, please take a minute to watch Matthew West’s music video for the song here. I promise you will be blessed by the message presented in it.

May we all remember and rejoice in the fact that we serve a God who loves us no matter what and who has promised to never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5; Matthew 28:20). He truly is the God who stays!