Nana’s Nook: Trouble Trusting

Good morning, friends. Over the last two weeks, we have looked at the concepts of trust and hope. I couldn’t help but think this week about how interconnected those two things are. They are like two sides of the same coin. Trusting in God fuels our hope in God and vice versa. But the truth of the matter is that we can become so distracted by the things of this world and by the trials of this life, we lose focus. Our trust wanes and our hope is not far behind.

I read this question in a recent devotional in Our Daily Bread, and it really got me thinking.

“What does it take to maintain hope in harsh times? Micah 7:7 shows us: Watching. Waiting. Praying. Remembering.”

Remember in the dark the truths we have learned in the light! Remember that our God is completely trustworthy! We can trust in Him with all our hearts! Do you have trouble with that? I certainly do at times. That’s why this devotional from Joy For the Journey really hit home. Read through it and see if you can relate.

Trouble Trusting

“Think about all the different people to whom we entrust our lives. We trust pharmacists to give us the right pills from a prescription we can’t read. We trust pilots we don’t know to take us to the right destination. As we soar down the interstate, we trust other drivers to stay alert and follow the road. We trust our lives to engineers and road construction crews, believing the bridge will hold. We make countless decisions to trust people we don’t even know every single day. Yet people have trouble trusting God. They often say, ‘I can’t see Him.’ Do we see the engineers who designed the bridge? Do we know the pilots? Not usually. Yet God, our Creator, who loves us more than anyone, who even sacrificed His Son for us to have forgiveness of sin and eternal life, is difficult to trust. It’s amazing. It just doesn’t make sense to trust imperfect men and women and not to trust a perfect God. From the love He shows us through His Son, if just makes sense to trust Him.” ~ Bryant Wright

My hope for all of us this week is that we will trust in the Lord, without reservation, finding our hope in Him alone. Watching. Waiting. Praying. Remembering.

“God hears our cries even when our circumstances are overwhelming. In these moments, clinging to and acting in response to our hope in God is the only strategy that will help us weather life’s storms.” ~ Adam Holz

Have a trust-filled, hopeful week!