Because Christ was forsaken, you will never be forsaken.

Hello Church family. Stuart preached in both services, continuing his series on the Seven Saying From the Cross.  Both messages were filled with wonderful lessons for us as we see continue to see Christ’s heart for others in the midst of His suffering.  We can almost feel His pain as He experiences separation from His Father.  In some way that we cannot even begin to understand, God the Father turned His back on His Son as He took on the sins of His people.  But, in the middle of that, He is still trusting in God.  He calls out, “MY God!”  Stuart gave us this very practical application:  When we go through things where we feel forsaken, we need to follow the Lord’s example and still trust in our God.  The unbelievably good news is this:  Because Christ was forsaken, you will never be forsaken.  He became an outcast so that we could become sons and daughters of God.  Such amazing love.  Such amazing grace.  It would serve us all well to think about that as we continue to move toward Easter Sunday.  I hope to see you all there for worship on Sunday as we celebrate our Risen Savior!
In His Service,