Duties of Armor Bearers

It was a glorious day in the Lord.  I would like to personally thank all of those who participated in the music Sunday morning.  It was just great!  Thanks to Neal, Tony, Gino, Kathy, Barb, and Janie.  I had such positive feedback and am hoping we can have this group together again very soon.  I would also like to thank Frank for the message he presented to us in our evening service.  He used a Biblical illustration from I Samuel 14:6 to challenge all of us about our call to be armor-bearers, encouraging one another and praying for one another, including our church leadership. He asked this question:  Are we providing prayerful, faithful, willing, cheerful support to our leaders and our families?  He listed these duties of an armor-bearer:

1.) Follow the leader.
2.) Know what needs to be done and make preparations accordingly.
3.) Be available to serve and then follow through with your commitments.
4.) Be willing.  It’s more than just showing up,  if your heart is not willing, your attitude reflects that.
5.) Agree to disagree.  At times, there will be disagreements.  But we can disagree with a loving attitude.
Thank you, Frank for these challenging, thoughtful insights from God’s Word.
Thank you and have a blessed week.
In His Service,