Are You Blind?

In John 9, Jesus heals a man who was blind from birth. Here are some encouraging principles in this passage I wanted to share some with you.

God’s grace is for YOU! and as Jesus came to give sight to this particular blind man,  realize this was not a chance encounter.  Jesus had a God-ordained appointment with this man. Jesus the master teacher used this as an opportunity for his disciples.  They saw a theological problem and not a person.  (Who sinned, they asked.)  It’s a lot easier to talk about theology than it is to get involved in people’s lives.  Jesus, however, saw the person and his need.

Too often we don’t see people. We don’t see their needs.  We pass by people who are hurting and often drift into an attitude of “I don’t care.”  Do you have eyes to see people, to see their needs?  Do you have a heart that desires to help meet their needs?

Jesus came to give sight to blind people  We are all born spiritually blind.  The question to consider is this:  Has Christ opened your eyes?  May we all look to Jesus, the Light of the world as we go through our days.

Please consider joining us at 9:30 AM on Sunday for a time of prayer before the worship service.  We believe that prayer is the engine of the church, so come as we commit the day’s services to the Lord and ask for His direction and His blessing on Living Hope and all who enter its doors.

In His Service,