A Test To Check Your Spiritual Heart

A Test To Check Your Spiritual Heart, as found in John 8:31-47.

In this passage Jesus draws a distinction between children of God and children of the devil.  We see some clear characteristics of the unbeliever presented here:

The unbeliever rejects truth.
The unbeliever tries to kill or suppress the truth.
The unbeliever does not love God.
The unbeliever does not understand Christ.
The unbeliever does not understand the Bible.
The unbeliever will twist the truth and attack you for holding to it.
On the other hand, we see these characteristics of a true believer:
A true believer will hear God’s Word and want to obey it.
A true believer will not only hear God’s Word and have it enter their minds.  The Word will move their hearts and change their lives.
A true believer loves Jesus and believes that Jesus is the Son of God.
A true believer looks to Christ alone for deliverance from sin in their lives.
The Jews in our passage thought they were going to get to heaven because of their “family tree”.  They were, after all, “children of Abraham”.  They knew a lot about the Scriptures, but they still had cold hearts.  It’s not enough to know about Christ.  It’s not enough to come from a Christian home.  It’s not enough to join a good church.  We must be joined to Christ.  So, the question becomes, who are you looking to for deliverance from sin in your life?  Who are you looking to for salvation?  I would challenge you this week to examine your heart and make sure your hope is found in Christ alone.
In His Service,